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Introducing Adlerhardt

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:43 pm
by Adlerhardt
Greetings, I am Adlerhardt, representative of the europeian group Die Crusaders in this board.

I started as an "Earth Agent" in 2015 in the sequence of increased gang robberies in my (former) area. When a neighbour of mine got threatened with a machinegun and tortured for a brazilian gang to get his house safe password, I decided to done a hood, suit and japanese wooden sword and became the Nightstrider.

Fast forward a year: Moving to a new location with less robberies and a lot more forest whilst living in a wildfire prone country forced me to change style and focus. I could no longer be Nightstrider, dressed in cybergoth attire and jumping across rooftops for there were no rooftops to jump. At the same time, I was dragged out of depression by a group of german friends who were organising their own group in southern Germany. After pledging my self to the ideals of ancient knighthood, I became Adlerhardt - Eagle Heart, patroling the forest in search for evil doers and patroling the town's streets at night.

Earlier this year, I was assigned by Grandmeister Greifhardt to represent our small group in this board and here I am, hoping to develop a powersuit inspired on Overwatch's Crusaders to defend those whom the police forces don't defend in our countries.

Re: Introducing Adlerhardt

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:00 pm
by Superman
Welcome to the fray Adlerhardt .

There is much to be done and far too few willing to do it. You and your group are welcome here.