Martial Arts skills

Everyone knows how to do something, and no one knows how to do everything. In here members should list things they know how to do so folks that need to can ask for help. With a large enough group in here we will eventually be able to handle whatever comes up.
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Martial Arts skills

Post by Basilisk » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:11 am

I use a martial art brought up by the late-great Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do. It's a martial art that has no form, as Lee puts it, "The Way of No Way." It's like making your own recipe, only you control the ingredients. The only requisite is you have to put the work into it. This has been modernized in mixed martial arts, which uses various martial arts disciplines. The only thing is you have to put the work into it. Everyday, I practice on my standing bag several of the disciplines. They include Krav Maga, Wing Chug, wrestling, grappling, boxing, Cambodian martial arts. I can develop my own combinations. I have even practiced hold and takedowns when disjointing the bag from the post. My favorite is the rapid fire punches, in which I could do those quickly and often. I even do weapon drills, namely with a baton, in which I feel as if it's a part of me. I used to do work on the cane, inspired by the movie, "The Kingsmen." They have no form, nor isn't it meant to have form. It keeps my mind open and doesn't bog down with complicated maneuvers.

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Re: Martial Arts skills

Post by Superman » Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:42 am

Glad to see your post and that you added us a new member. As you can see I check the board often. With all that martial skill maybe we should appoint you master at arms if we ever have a formal meeting.

This looks like a job for Superman !! Up! Up! and away!!!

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